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About VCA Group

The holding Prosper Intelligence GmbH was founded in 2004 by Zoran Jovanovic with the plan to run a business and technical consulting in the area of IT consolidation.The company included third party software technologies in its portfolio.

In 2008 Prosper Intelligence made the decision to found a subsidiary VCA AG which is exclusively and independently offer consulting services in the area of IT Consolidation, IT Compliance and IT Due Diligence. In the same time Prosper Intelligence GmbH renamed it’s other subsidiary Matrix Support Centre s.r.o., which was originally founded in 2005 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic into VCA s.r.o. and aligned its business to insure both investments offer same service portfolio.

Both companies quickly became involved into large outsourcing initiatives and outsourcing management. For another period of three years VCA used different kind of third party software to run services in outsourcing projects. Always keeping in mind that this solutions had to be adjusted so they can fulfill requirements of outsourcings initiatives.

In 2011 Prosper Intelligence GmbH decided to expand by doing a strategic investment in Belgrade, Serbia where it has located its development center under the name VCA d.o.o.. The group continued to invest high efforts and its extensive consulting experience and published in early 2014 its own outsourcing solution to finally turn into a software company.

Today VCA owns the first integrated software solution to support global outsourcing projects as well as medium and small continental outsourcing initiatives. Introducing Outsourcing Governor VCA did a major step forward presenting the first complete software suite improving the governance and project management of any kind of Transition and Transformation. The build in methodology is adjustable to any size or category of your outsourcing contract(s).

Our missions is to enable clients, service provider(s) as well as all other involved parties to overcome challenges by using the same Source of Truth. Typically requirements project management methods like PMP or PMA are fully supported.