Back in the Middle Ages when the concept of one having a last name (or surname) was being developed, names were commonly based on a person’s occupation, hometown or something they were known for: John the baker, Sam the carpenter, Ivan the terrible, William the conquerer, etc. But as professions have evolved from the simple, such as carpenter or miller, to the more complex, such as flight attendant or software analyst, the whole name-connected-to-career thing has come unglued.

There’s a word for people who have names that sync-up with their business: Aptronym

Some people have names that sound extremely appropriate for their occupation. There’s even a word for it: aptronym (or aptonym). Maybe the name and work connections are just coincidences, but it’s common enough for psychologist Carl Jung to include the phenomenon with his interest of a wide range of similarities dubbed “synchronicity” almost a century ago.

Whether coincidence or destiny, some users of love finding people who have perfect names for their occupations. If you know of others, send them to us at: [email protected]

Watters Plumbing


(Photo via

Founded in 1960 by Harold Watters.


Cindy Houser Sells Houses, Realtor


Dr. Ronald Toothman, Orthodontist



Tom Hammer Construction


Founded by Tom Hammer in 1999, Tom Hammer Construction is based in New Hampshire, but its work for major retailers can be seen across the country.


Foriest Tree Care


Foriest Tree and Lawn Care was founded in Nashville, Tenn., by arborists Gary Fralick and Mike Foriest.



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