From how to use hashtags on Twitter to praising public libraries for supporting small businesses, here are links to some of the most popular items shared during July on

A Small Business Should Never Buy Fake Social Media Followers and Likes

Buying fake social media followers may help boost your ego, but it’s a waste of money–and could cost you more than you realize.

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How Instagram Helps The Peach Truck’s Business Blossom

As part of our series, “How it Helps Us,” the Peach Truck’s Stephen Rose shares how Instagram helps the regional fruit truck phenomenon blossom.

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Sitting All Day at Work is Killing You, Here’s What You Can Do About It

Interrupting your pattern of sitting all day by adding short breaks of movement—just standing or walking slowly—has beneficial effects.

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Public Libraries are a Big Resource for Small Business

Public libraries are home to a growing array of valuable resources for small business owners and managers.

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Tripod Tips and Tricks That Will Improve the Quality of Your Business Videos

Tripod tips and tricks for achieving various video shots that usually require expensive equipment or the steady hand of a professional videographer.

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Small Business Basics for Using Twitter Hashtags

What are hashtags (#) and what they mean when added to the front of a work on Twitter and a growing number of social networking sites? How using them can help you attract new customers.

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