Perhaps you’ve heard: Advertisers are getting a “break” on Super Bowl commercials this year. That’s because the price of a 30-second ad is not increasing from last year when such an ad cost “only” $5 million. However, retailers — including local bars and restaurants — can expect an 8.5 percent growth in Super Bowl-related spending, according to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

$15.3 Billion | 2018 Super Bowl-related retail spending
$81.17 | 2018 Super Bowl-related spending per American adult
$118.43 | 2018 Super Bowl-related spending per consumer ages 25-34

8.5% | Increase over 2017 of Super Bowl-related retail spending
113 million | Last year’s viewership of the Super Bowl (via: Nielsen)

Super Bowl festivities

76% | Percentage of survey respondents who have special plans for viewing the Super Bowl

What are some of the things these survey participants plan to do?

18% | Host a party
28% | Attend a party
5% | Watch the game at a local bar or restaurant

What do they enjoy about a Super Bowl party?

41% | The game itself
24% | The commercials
15% | Getting together with friends
14% | The half-time show
7% | The food

What are the respondents preparing to purchase related to the game?

82% | Food and beverages
11% | Team apparel or accessories
8% | A new TV
8% | Decorations

“Super Bowl shoppers will find retailers well-stocked with decorations, apparel, food and all other necessities to cheer on their favorite team.”

Matthew Shay
National Retail Federation President and CEO



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