Competition is a part of running a small business. It keeps the creative juices flowing. But sometimes when the competitors are folks whose creative juices are always flowing, competition can turn a minor jesture into a duel of Aaron Burr vs. Alexander Hamilton proportions.

Gentlepersons, choose your paper weapons

It all started earlier this year (2016) when an employee of a creative agency in this lower Manhattan building did something simple.


Google Maps

She wrote a “hi” on her window with a few Post-it notes.


Across the street, in this building, filled with other creative agencies, someone responded…


Google Maps



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In Creativeland, “SUP?” apparently means, “WAR!”


Image credits: Source

 Soon, windows in both buildings had all sorts of one-upsmanship Post-it note art



Image credits: Mike Segar

Soon, in the declaration of creative superiority that defines the current era (the “mic drop”) a winning creative agency declared itself the winner. (We also give an honorable mention to the 3M corporation who learned about the competition and started supplying large quantities of notes to the competitors–including some silver ones.)


The winning agency (as declared by themselves) even created an animated GIF version. Definitely, mic drop.


Image credits: Instagram

And so, the battle was over (because the building managers ordered all participants to take everything down). 

(via: and Architecture and Design and lots of contributors to this reddit thread.)

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