Do you have unpaid interns at your company? You may find this news of interest: After being sued for poor treatment (read: low or no pay) for interns, publishing giant Condé Nast announced this week that it would drop its internship program. In reporting Condé Nast’s decision, the New York Times quoted several former interns who expressed disappointment and sadness over the program’s end.


Several former and current Condé Nast interns said sacrificing the internship program seemed too extreme a response, not least because it meant that hundreds of fledgling and prospective journalists would be denied an invaluable launching pad. “I’m disappointed on behalf of all future interns as well,” said Rosana Lai, 21, a student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University who is currently an intern at Glamour. “We’re no longer going to have that foot in the door.”

Read the full article here: Sued Over Pay, Condé Nast Ends Internship Program

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