First announced in August 2014, eHarmony today (4/1/2016) launched Elevated Careers, a job-matching, employment recruiting service. “Elevated Careers has taken proven data science that is responsible for 438 marriages per day on eHarmony, and brought it to a new platform, developing a predictive process to match job seekers with prospective employers,” according to the company.

How Elevated Careers works

According to the company, the Elevated Careers platform matches job seekers with jobs based on three types of compatibility.


The degree to which a job seekers’ skills and background fit a specific job. The service uses a process it describes as a “Skills Fit” algorithm that analyzes data from “millions of resumes and career transitions that help predict how likely a professional is to be hired for a position based on work history.”


A measurement of 16 key factors delineating how an individual’s core work values fit within a company’s culture, which has proven crucial in predicting an employee’s overall job satisfaction and engagement.


An examination of interpersonal work relationships specific to the compatibility between an employee and a hiring manager, drawing on eight factors taken from both the eHarmony relationship matching system along with factors uniquely related to the workplace environment.

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