This week’s’s Small Business Pet of the Week comes to us from Tattly, the “designy” (translation: hip) temporary tattoo online marketplace based in the designy part of Brooklyn, NY. Sheila is an Australian Shepherd mix (a rescue from Utah) who you can follow on Twitter (@sheilathedog). Sheila works as “co-community manager” CCM (and part-time security dog) at Tattly with her human work partner, Nic Annette Miller, chief happiness officer.

While Nic is convinced Sheila moved to New York only to become a model and eat hot dogs…

small business pet of the week

(Photos by Julia Robbs)

…she has proved to be a very diligent CCM. Sheila walks Nic to work everyday, rain or shine, and usually supervises from underneath her desk for most of the work day.

One of Sheila’s responsibilities is to let everyone at Tattly know when the mail man arrives each day.

small business pet of the week

She is very organized and is usually willing to hold an extra Tattly for someone. She is always up for playing, giving Tattly employees a little extra energy and a potential break from their work. With a strong sense of work-ethic and so much good-natured energy, Sheila is the  perfect office dog for her small business.

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