Weird Al Yankovic has accomplished something no one has been able to do since 1963. He has landed a comedy album at the Number One spot on BillBoards Top 200 chart. His strategy (in addition to creating spot-on and hilarious parody songs that satirize pop culture with laser-like precision along with building up a following over the course of four decades) was to release videos for the album’s eight songs in eight days.

While each has been hilarious, we’re guessing his final video release has been so popular with anyone who has had to sit through a business PowerPoint presentation, that the video could likely be the most productivity-draining ,time-sink video that’s ever been emailed to every email inbox in corporate America.

It’s called Mission Statement and contains every business buzzword you’ve ever hated.

And since the video has already sunk this Quarter’s GDP, we might as well share it here for the five people left in the world who haven’t enjoyed it already.

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