Do you go to crazy lengths to get your morning cup of joe? And second? And third? We feel your pain. Here are some other flavors of caffeine that you and your coffee mates might like to give a shot.

1. Yerba Mate Tea


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It has more caffeine than a 12 oz. can of Coke but less than a traditional cup of coffee. But according to its fans, the drink sounds like a miracle elixir: They claim it reduces stress on the heart and liver while cleaning out the body with its natural blend of antioxidants.

2. Spazztroids Caffeinated Breakfast Cereal

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According to the geek all-nighter experts at ThinkGeek, Cap’n Buzz’s Spazztroids isthe breakfast cereal full of vitamins, nutrients, caffeine and everything else you need to get up in the morning.”

3. Jolt Energy Gum


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Jolt Energy Gum is supposed to give you all the caffeine in a cup of coffee with only two pieces of gum chewed. According to its makers, the product works faster than coffee does by absorbing into your bloodstream faster under your tongue.

4. Perky Jerky


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Perky Jerky provides a caffeine-enhanced carb-free beef-jerky buzz. There are about 75 mg of caffeine in each serving. But who can stop with just one serving?

5. Bawls Gurana



You know the names of all of the “energy drinks” like Red Bull, et al, but, we like this line from the website of Bawls Guarana: “Coffee is for suits. Energy drinks are for noobs. Bawls is fuel for fun.”

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