Getting into the swing of your workday can be hard, but by starting your morning off right, you’ll quickly be on the path to more productivity. Here are some tips the experts suggest.

1. Make your commute to the office active.


By increasing your activity in the morning, you’ll get your energy flowing before you even get into the office. Walk a few extra blocks, bike, run–or if you have such a superpower, fly to work.

2. Smile



By engaging with your coworkers in a positive, friendly way when arriving at the office, you’ll instantly boost your mood, setting you–and your workday–up a notch.

3. Don’t check your email.

ron swanson

It’s tempting to open your inbox the second you sit down at your desk, but do everything you can to restrain yourself. Your inbox is a vortex–and once you see the list of things people have asked you to do overnight, you’ll feel instantly behind and less productive than you otherwise could be.

4. Do the hardest task first.


As soon as you get to your desk, look through your to do list and pick the thing that you know will be hardest to do. Do it, check it off, and you’ll have the rest of your day to work on easier tasks without the burden of the challenging one looming over you.

5. Make a plan.


After conquering your most difficult project, make a reasonable plan (with a timeline) for the rest of your day. By outlining how you plan to use your time, you’ll keep yourself from wasting time on unworthy tasks, setting the rest of your day up for success.


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