We know how it is: You were up late last night entertaining a client and then up at 5 a.m. putting together this morning’s two-hour sales presentation. That’s why sometimes a small business person’s gotta do what a small business person’s gotta do. Here are some tips that can help you from dozing off during the final of too many meetings of the day.

1. Chug coffee. 


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Drinking coffee is the most common method to fight drowsiness in the workplace. And if you drink enough of it you’ll won’t fall asleep at your desk, though we can’t promise you won’t fall asleep in the restroom.

2. Get sunlight.

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Though a few of us may be fond of the fluorescent lighting in our workplace, going outside or moving next to a window is a good way to wake yourself up with sunshine.

3. Stand up and stretch.


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Have you ever met someone who does a lot of yoga? They never seem to get tired. Neither will you if you take some time to escape your desk chair and loosen up those limbs.

4. Listen to music.


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Ideally, 80s rock or heavy metal would be the best way to combat lethargy. But if KISS at 3:30 p.m. is too grating, maybe try some classical or folk music.

 5. Chew gum.

double bubble gum

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While gum can definitely help you maintain focus, it’s probably best not to chew it too loudly. Gum smacking in the workplace is the worst.

6. Go to bed at a decent hour.

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Getting at least six hours of sleep a night consistently is the best way to prevent falling asleep while your colleague is speaking.

7. Eat fruit.

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Fruit supplies our bodies with the natural sugars needed to retain energy throughout the day. The experts say fruit is a much healthier choice than the caffeine rush and subsequent crash provided by our first tip. That’s why we’re not experts on this topic.

8. Drink water. 

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Are you drinking 8 by 8–the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day? Dehydration causes fatigue.

9. Switch to a more interesting task.

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Sometimes it’s ok to put down those TPS reports and find something more stimulating to work on. It’s best to begin your workday with an active task as opposed to simply reading.

10. Rinse your face with cold water.

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If all else fails, rinse your face in cold water. The effect should invigorate you enough to finish up your workday!

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