Does your business require that you fly a lot? If it does, no doubt you have horror stories to share and advice to give. But for those who fly regularly but less often, here are some tips we’ve collected from small business owners and managers who are the kings of air travel.

1 | Avoid parking at the airport.

airport parking

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The closer to the airport you park, the more expensive it will be. But the time required to park and get to security check-in can add greatly to the stress level of any trip. Public transportation, an off-site parking facility or a really close friend can make the first and last parts of your trip more bearable.

2 | Use Tripit


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Using Tripit was one of the most consistent pieces of advice we received. The way it turns email confirmations into an itinerary is magical, according to one seasoned travel pro.

3 | Pack lightly, and then cut it in half.

packing light

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From the response we received, apparently there’s a big competition among regular travelers to see who can travel with the least luggage. Checking a bag? Forget it. They obsess over what they carry and what items can be sent out for laundry overnight.

4 | Know how TSA operates in the airports you’ll use.

TSA frisking

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Waiting in line for security checks can be the most stressful part of the flight. Bookmark the TSA’s mobile app to monitor wait times and other flight information you’ll need related to security checks.

6 | Know ins-and-outs of your most-used frequent flier programs.

frequent flyer programs

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The airlines seem to know what frequent fliers obsess over. And then they change the rules. Keep up with the rules and don’t expect them to be as loyal to you are to them.

7 | Minimize the effects of jet lag.

jet lag

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Fighting jet leg is a highly personal thing, but suggestions include: Eat light. Don’t drink alcohol. Drink lots of water so you stay hydrated. Adjust your watch and cellphone to your destination’s timezone. Sleep only if it’s dark outside.

8 | Make waiting times productive, educational or fun.

Ipad in the airport

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You’ve got an iPad. Now that the FAA will let you use it from gate-to-gate, load with all the things you’ve wanted to watch, read or respond to — if you only had the time.

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