Bloomberg Business is reporting that is considering acquiring some RadioShack locations after the electronics chain files for bankruptcy.

This might sound familiar as it seems like a next-step from Amazon’s first bricks and mortar move we discussed last October.

Amazon has previously considered using RadioShack stores as showcases for the company’s hardware like its Kindle ebook readers and Fire devicesand its Fire TV Stick used to stream video.

As we suggested in October, Amazon could also use the locations as pickup and drop-off centers for online customers.

The good: A pick-up location for Amazon orders might increase foot traffic for adjacent local small businesses. And it beats many of the potential types of businesses that could move in.

The bad: Having a pickup and drop off location for Amazon in the neighborhood could provide more incentive for potential local shoppers who would be able to avoid shipping costs and return hassles.

According to Bloomberg, RadioShack has more than 4,000 U.S. locations and is moving toward a deal to sell a portion and close the rest. Along with Amazon, other potential bidders for the locations include Sprint and the owners of Brookstone.


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