Last month, we reported on the conventional-wisdom-busting theory that Amazon may have helped small independent bookstores by marginalizing the national bookstore retailers. Here’s an even harder-to-believe possibility: Indie bookstores selling Kindles. But that’s the idea behind a new initiative from Amazon. Local booksellers across the country will now be able to sell the Kindle and related accessories in their stores through Amazon Source, reports


Amazon Source, which launched today, allows indie bookstore owners to purchase any unit from the Kindle Family, including the new Kindle Fire HDX, at a 6 percent discount off of retail for resale at regular price in-store. The opportunity also extends to Kindle accessories, including but not limited to a variety of cases, at 35 percent off of MSRP. Booksellers will also have the option of receiving a continuing 10% commission for every book purchased from a Kindle device sold.

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