(via: WSJ.com) The federal government’s new insurance exchanges for small businesses won’t be ready on Oct. 1 to accept online applications for coverage, the Obama administration said Thursday.


“The delay is the most high-profile technology stumble to date in Washington’s effort to open new electronic marketplaces where individuals and small businesses can sign up for health-insurance coverage. The administration is running exchanges on behalf of 36 states that have declined to operate their own. Some states have also struggled with technical issues in setting up their own exchanges. An administration official said the website for the online small-business exchange will be open on Oct. 1, but business owners won’t be able to shop for or compare plans until Nov. 1. Previously officials described Oct. 1 as the day when individuals and small businesses could start shopping for coverage to begin Jan. 1.”

Full Story: Online Health Exchanges for Small Businesses Hit Snag (WSJ.com)

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