DroneBase, a startup that delivers aerial data and video to business clients has announced a new on-demand model for drone owners and businesses in need of aerial footage called Pilot Program. The model will allow owners of drones manufactured by the China-based company DJI to find work nearby where they can fly 10-minute missions, upload the results and get paid if a DroneBase client wants to buy the info.

“By connecting idle pilots with  businesses that need drone video, DroneBase can change flying an unmanned aerial vehicle from a hobby into work and equip businesses with aerial data without them having to own drones and build its business too,” according to Josh Constine of TechCrunch.

Currently, DroneBase is used by clients to track progress at their work sites, measure areas and resources, verify insurance claims on roofs, shoot aerial marketing footage of properties and more. Clients just input their needs and DroneBase dispatches a pilot with all the skills and hardware necessary to get the job done.

According to DroneBase CEO and co-founder Dan Burton, DroneBase is the world’s first global-scale drone service and pilot network, actively flying in all 50 US states, over 30 countries. With the launch of Pilot Program, “DroneBase now has 1,000,000+ commercial activities our pilots can do with their drones,” says Burton. “Our mission is to provide air support for every business.”

According to Burton, standardizing the drones to DJI models, “removes hardware as a variable.” says Burton. DJI is also an investor in the company.

Photos: DroneBase

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