If your business uses the subscription version of Google’s cloud-based productivity software G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work), you can now benefit from Google’s decision to make its note-organizing software, Google Keep, a fully-integrated G-Suite application. While there are some administrative benefits that come with the integration, for users, the most visible change is the ability to display side-by-side and drag-and-drop content (text and images) between Keep and Google Docs. 

How to get Google Keep to display on the right side of a Google Doc

To display (or turn-off the display), pull down the “Tools” menu.

What are the benefits of this feature?

If you use Google Keep to collect notes and images from around the web, you can drag and drop those elements into a Google Doc. This can be great when you are writing something, say, an article for SmallBusiness.com. (Tip: Using Google Keep to collect notes is easier to do if you add the Google Keep extension to your Chrome browser.)

Great feature, but Google Keep is not Evernote

Whenever there is an announcement about Google Keep, we see articles that suggest Keep is Google’s answer to Evernote. The users of Evernote (and there are bazillions) do a lot more with the software than grab content during their web surfing. Indeed, one of the most common complaints from longtime users of Evernote is that it has too many features and uses. Evernote is an aircraft carrier sized platform for content capture and organization. Google Keep is a nice sailboat note-taking tool.

Google sees Keep as a small feature that has found a home on its GSuite platform. Evernote is the entire focus of the company that owns it. Oh, and another thing. Evernote just moved its data to Google Cloud storage.

You can find out more about Google Keep here.
If you administer a G-Suite account, you can find out more here.

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