We’ve decided Halloween candy isn’t just for the kids. A lot of it ends up at work. We surveyed several small business friends to see what treats (the sugary, fattening kind we’re not supposed to be encouraging you to eat) came to work today. These were at the top of the list (which means they are probably at the bottom of any list made by New York City Mayor Bloomberg).

1. Krispy Skreams Halloween Donuts


(Image: KrispyKreme.com)

These Halloween treats are some of our favorites—a seasonal spin on a classic. Bonus: If you wear your costume (and we know you dressed up) into the store on Halloween, you’ll get a free donut.

2. Candy corn.


(Image: simmon via flickr.com)

It’s a cliché, we know, but we can’t resist a little of this treat every Hallow’s Eve. The office candy bowl is the perfect spot for this treat, too, but does anyone really want more than three pieces? Once you’ve been reminded of the taste, you won’t mind waiting until next year for more.

3. Anything homemade.


(Image: nledrew via flickr.com)

Nothing gives you a reason to bake like a holiday—and we’re sure your employees will take what they can get. If the Martha Stewart chocolate cobwebs are too advanced for you, we hear there are some slice-and-bake pumpkin sugar cookies we’ll take instead.

4. The Kid’s Candy.


(Image: jcapaldi via flickr.com)

And here’s a tip for tomorrow. Bring more candy to the office. We know your son or daughter doesn’t need all 7 pounds of candy they’ll bring home tonight. Do ’em a favor and bring some of it into the office (where your coworkers will snarf them up, saying all the while that they shouldn’t).

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