Retailers are expecting a big treat this Halloween as total spending is expected to reach $8.4 billion, an all-time high in the 11-year history of an annual survey sponsored by the National Retail Federation and conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Reminder: As we suggest to shoppers throughout the year,  #BuyLocal and #ShopLocal for your Halloween-related purchases.

“After a long summer, families are excited to welcome the fall season celebrating Halloween,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Retailers are preparing for the day by offering a wide variety of options in costumes, decorations and candy while being aggressive with their promotions to capture the most out of this shopping event.”

171 million | Number of Americans that will take part in Halloween festivities
64% | Percentage of Americans taking part in Halloween activities
36% | Not taking part


 Halloween activities participants will take part in

71% | Handing out candy
49% | Decorating their home and yard
47% | Dressing up in a costume
46% | Carving a pumpkin
34% | Hosting or attend a party
30% | Taking their children trick-or-treating=
25% | Visiting a haunted house
16% | Dressing their pets in costumes

Percentage of participants who will purchase these products

What they’ll be spending on those items

$8.4 billion | Total Halloween-related retail spending
$82.93 | Average Halloween spending per celebrant in 2016

$3.1 billion | Amount that will be spent on costumes
67% | Percentage of celebrants purchasing costumes

$2.5 billion | Amount that will be spent on candy
94.3% | Percentage of celebrants purchasing candy

$2.4 billion | Amount that will be spent on decorations
70% | Percentage of celebrants who will purchase decorations

$390 million | Amount that will be spent on greeting cards
35.4% | Percentage of celebrants who will purchase greeting cards

Where Halloween shoppers will shop

47% | Discount stores (big box retailers)
36% | Specialty Halloween/costume stores
26% | Grocery stores / supermarkets
23% | Department stores
22% | Online

National Retail Federation
Research by Prosper Insights & Analytics.
The survey asked 6,791 consumers about Halloween shopping plans.
Conducted September 6-13, 2016


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