Promoting your business doesn’t always depend on buying billboard advertising, TV spots and web ads that track your customers all around the web. Sometimes simple gestures can do more to put your company’s name in front of potential customers. No budget? No matter! Try some of these ideas:

Pass out those business cards you have sitting in your desk drawer.

Hands with business card

Always have cards with you and don’t be shy about giving them to people. Offer two to everyone—one for the recipient in front of you and one for her or him to give away. Another thing: You know those bulletin boards in local restaurants that have business cards attached to then? Why isn’t your card tacked on there?

Turn your van or car into a 24-hour billboard.

If you have a delivery van or other commercial vehicle in your business, do these things:

  • Think of it as a moving billboard.
  • Make sure the signage on the vehicle projects the image you desire.
  • Keep it washed (UPS washes its vans daily).
  • Instruct anyone driving your vehicles to be extremely courteous.
  • Park it where people can see it.

Write notes—often. Fill them with thanks. Send them in the mail.

In this day of digital media, pen and paper that expresses your gratitude for a customer’s business elevates their perception of you. Write notes yourself and encourage any employees who interact with customers to do the same.

Write positive reviews of businesses and professionals you like.

You know how much you appreciate those positive reviews on Yelp and the recommendations you receive on LinkedIn? Others appreciate those also.

Spend time on your profiles and signatures.

Whether you’re sending personal or business emails, you should have a standard signature block that describes your company, lists your website address and informs people how to reach you using their favorite channel. If it makes sense for your industry, include an offer within your email signature.

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