A round-up of news and information about Small Business Saturday that has previously appeared on SmallBusiness.com.

How to Begin Preparing Now For Small Business Saturday

When you also consider that more than 100 million shoppers made their ways to small retailers, it makes sense to join in the promotion. ()

How to Start Preparing Now for the Holidays (Even if You Aren’t a Retailer)

There’s always plenty of holiday planning advice for retailers, but what about the rest of us? Consultants, writers, manufacturers, engineers, farmers, and more all have businesses, but we aren’t necessarily retailers. Here are some things you can start doing today to get ready for the holidays that will be, as they always say, “here before you know it.” ()

Portland Expands Small Business Saturday to Friday

While supportive of the concept of having a promotional effort to encourage shopping local on Small Business Saturday, a group of Portland, Ore, shopkeepers asked last year, “Why not make Black Friday for small business, too?” According to Bloomberg/Businessweek, starting last year, Betsy Cross, co-owner of northwest Portland jewelry boutique betsy & iya, recruited 90 other Portalnd shops to join in a Black Friday promotion called, “Little Boxes.” ()

Small Business Saturday on SmallBusiness.com’s WIKI

Background, history and information about the origins and development of Small Business Saturday. ()

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