Looking to expand your knowledge of Google’s consumer, business and developer products? Google offers a wide range of online courses that can give you a skill set to help you better understand or improve your small business. Here are 8 courses that will help you become a Google power user.

1. Power Searching

Google power searching

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Power Searching Course

Knowing how to search on Google can save a lot of time. But very few people know how to use Google search to its full potential. This course, taught by Google’s senior research scientist, Daniel Russel, is designed to make people more effective Google searchers by teaching the basic tools that make searching effective and fast.

2. Advanced Power Searching


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Advanced Power Searching Course

This upper level power searching course has less video lecturing and more Google search challenges in which users can compete against other users around the world.

3. Mapping with Google

Dubai Coastal Expansion

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Mapping With Google

Mapping with Google is a course that focuses on GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth and GoogleEngine Lite and teaches how to use the three programs for navigation. From learning to find a restaurant down the block to exploring a remote region on the other side of the world, you can do it all with Google.

4. YouTube Creator Academy

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Youtube Creator Academy

Taught in video lecture format by the YouTube Creator Academy, this series hones in on the best ways to maximize your YouTube channel. The Academy teaches how to increase traffic by learning how to curate and make popular videos and applying your knowledge and meeting other YouTube creators just like you.

5. Introduction to Web Accessibility

web accessibility

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Web Accessibility

Intro to web accessibility gives web developers a starting point to learn how to make their websites and blogs more accessible to the 285 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired. By improving web accessibility a developer can gain more traffic and make the internet a more accessible place for everyone.

6. Digital Analytics Fundamentals


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Google Analytics

This self-paced three week course teaches you how to harness digital analytics in your business through videos and text lessons, practice activities and course assessments that explain analytics in the context of various industries.

7. Google Developers Academy

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Google Developers Academy

The Google Developers Academy is a large resource that offers several classes on a variety of platforms such as Youtube, smartphone apps, the Cloud and Ads for all levels of developers.

8. Chrome DevTools

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Chrome Devtools

Chrome DevTools is presented by the Code Academy and is sponsored by Google. It teaches an intensive course in coding from the basics to more complicated debugging and memory profiling. This course focuses on developing apps.


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