You might not consider yourself the neatest person at your small business but when it comes to computers, everyone appreciates a clean monitor and pristine keyboard. And we’re not just talking about the clean you can see, but also those invisible germs. Gross! But who has the time to clear their keyboard each day? Thanks to the neatnicks at, here is the quickest way we’ve found (except for a one-time only use of a dishwasher) to clean your computer at the end of each day.

You will need…

clean your computer

(Photo via Carolina on Pinterest)

Here’s the cleaning breakdown:

  • Turn keyboard/ laptop upside down over the trash > 10s
  • Wipe screen with the terry cloth side of the cleaning cloth > 15s
  • Wipe screen with the microfiber side of the cleaning cloth > 15s
  • Wipe down keyboard and trackpad (or mouse) with the cleaning wipes > 20s

We recommend performing the one minute clean at least twice a week–three times a week if you eat lunch at your workspace, those crumbs will getcha. Apartment Therapy also had a more extensive cleaning process that we recommend you try at least once a month.

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