In January, we covered an announcement that, in its efforts to become a full-service cloud business partner (instead of just a domain registrar and hosting provider), GoDaddy had teamed up with Microsoft to bring Office 365 to small business owners purchasing a domain name (for an extra fee, of course). Yesterday, that product was finally launched. Called “Get Online Today,” the new service will run users $1/month for the first year and $12/month after that. So still not too bad. All in all, it will provide:

  • A custom domain name
  • An email address of: [email protected]
  • A subscription to Website Builder from GoDaddy (and hosting for your site)
  • Microsoft Office 365 by GoDaddy, which will allow you to sync up your professional email, contacts and calender with your domain name
  • A $50 credit for Bing Ads (to help you promote your new business)

Aside from being another move in many made by GoDaddy over the past year to target the small business market, Get Online Today will hopefully help get the estimated 50% of small business owners without a website online–finally! (This is a statistic that has baffled us for a while; if you have any insight on the matter, we’d love to hear it!)

Via Market Watch

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