Last June, we shared the news about Google getting into the internet domain (web address) registration business with a service called Google Domains. Earlier this week, the company expanded the service to any U.S. user (in a phase it describes as an “open beta”) and updated the features it provides.

google domains logoAccording to Google, the expanded service now includes:

  • Improved name search and suggestion functions
  • Over 60 new domain endings like .company, .florist and .coffee (see full list here.)
  • A simple dashboard to manage domain name, website and email settings
  • Integration with Google’s website hosting service, Blogger.
  • Dynamic DNS (Explained here).

Google’s domain registration service will also be available through other web creation and hosting services, including: Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly and Wix.

As we indicated in our earlier coverage, this move by Google indicates the company’s strategic decision to break with a previous relationship with as that company has acquired an array of services for small businesses that position it more in direct competition with Google’s efforts to do the same.


(For more information about obtaining a web address, see, “’s Guide to Registering a Domain Name (Web Address)“)

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