All 50 State Agencies That Issue Small Business Licenses and Permits

Most businesses need some form of license or permit to operate legally. However, licensing and permitting requirements vary widely based the type of business you are operating, its location and what your state or local laws and regulations require. In other words, you should seek professional advice from a trusted advisor to clarify that your specific local, professional or other types of licenses and permits are met.

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To help you identify the types of licenses or permits your business may need, simply select a state from the list below. In addition to these links, the WIKI has links to additional state resources (scroll to bottom). Note also: Your local jurisdiction (and, in some cases, multiple jurisdictions, e.g. city, county, etc.) may have permitting and licensing requirements that may seem redundant, but are required; another reason to seek advice from a professional advisor familiar with starting and running a businesses in your state and local jurisdiction.

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