PayPal Launches its Feature-Rich, Small Business Friendly ‘PayPal Zettle’ | July 2021

PayPal Zettle is available to small businesses across the U.S. beginning today

Square Unveils Terminal, an ‘All in One’ Portable Point of Sale Device

The new wireless point-of-sale device called Square Terminal is intended to replace the company’s legacy hardware device.

PayPal to Acquire Small Business Lender Swift Financial | 2017

PayPal plans to use Swift’s technology platform and talent to continue growing its PayPal Working Capital small business lending service.

An Overview of New Options for Point-of-Sale and Peer-to-Peer Payments | 2017

Big banks and Apple have announced ways they hope will help them catch-up with payment apps like PayPal’s Venmo

Regulations Issued for U.S. Pre-paid Credit Cards and Related Apps | 2016

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau issues new rules in response to explosive growth in prepaid cards and similar digital apps.

Charge! Square Releases its Chip Card, Wireless Payment Reader

Square announced its chip card was being used in 15 states on the day of the first distribution to 100 merchants, restaurants.

The Fastest Growing Markets for Small Business Ecommerce Aren’t the Ones You Are Guessing | 2015

Ecommerce, while still used by only a fraction of small businesses, could be seeing its biggest growth in markets outside the coastal early-adopting meccas.

PayPal Will Soon Allow its Popular Venmo App to Be Accepted by Merchants | 2015

PayPal will soon allow merchants who accept Paypal to also accept Venmo payments.

How the New Square Reader is More Than Just a Way to Accept Apple Pay

The new Square reader provides a wireless, portable point of sale device that enables Apple Pay and other NFC transactions, as well as “chip embedded” and traditional magstripe cards.

Square is Rounding Out its Small Business Services Strategy With Square Engagement

Square has launched a suite of online marketing tools called Square Engagement that includes an email marketing service called Square Marketing,

U.S. Government Now Accepts Online Payments via PayPal, Dwolla

Pay.gov, the U.S. government’s web based collection portal for payments to federal agencies, will now accept both PayPal and Dwolla as payment options.