SmallBusiness Guide to User Reviews

User reviews can have a positive or negative impact on your business. Make sure you understand why.

17 Guide to Alternative Funding

Information and resources related to forms of alternative financing and lending.

4 Guide to Business Checklists

Every task requires a small business checklist. These will get you started.

33 Guide to Business Computer and Tech Security

Advice, alerts and information about digital security threats faced by small businesses.

19 Guide to Business Gadgets

The newly invented or conceptual devices that are called everything from gadget to gizmo to "what were they thinking?"

10 Guide to Business Travel

Tips, advice, news and resources for those whose small business keeps them in the air.

10 Guide to Co-Working Space

Trends in co-working spaces – shared offices, studios, creator spaces and other commercial real estate for independent workers.

41 Guide to Coronavirus Pandemic

Information related to the global pandemic and resulting economic crises caused by the coronavirus of 2020 .

2 Guide to Creative Commons and Open Source

Information and resources regarding the use of open source approaches, including Creative Commons.

28 Guide to Digital Marketing Basics

Information and resources to get you started using digital marketing tools.

22 Guide to Disaster Planning and Recovery

Information and resources for small business disaster planning and recovery.

17 Guide to Getting Organized

Ideas, how-tos, products and news about ways those who run a small business can get organized, more efficient and productive.

9 Guide to Government Resources for Small Business Owners and Managers

Guide to Small Business Government Resources

22 Guide to Great Local Holiday Shopping

Local shops and markets to shop local for the holidays

10 Guide to Halloween

Information and advice about Halloween as a marketing opportunity and office-party tradition.

10 Guide to High Speed Internet Access

Advice, news and information about the expansion of commercial high-speed access (gigabit) to the internet.

17 Guide to Human Resources & Staffing

Information and resources related to developing and organizing a great team.

3 Guide to Influencer Marketing

The opportunities (and regulations) related to using endorsers and spokespersons for in your marketing programs.

29 Guide to Managing a Listing on Google Search and Maps

Tips and how-tos for managing Google business listing. See also | Guide to Website Basics

9 Guide to Marketing to Small Business Decision Makers

If you are a marketer at a large company that serves the small business marketplace, this guide will help you understand how the small business decision maker is different from what you may think.

13 Guide to Marketing With Photos

Information, ideas and advice for using photography for marketing a small business.

6 Guide to Mastering the Whiteboard

A five-part series on how to use a whiteboard, even if you believe you can't draw or write legibly.

15 Guide to Office Design and Furniture

Ideas, insight and inspiration related to the basics of small office planning and furniture.

11 Guide to Payment Systems

News, information and insights about small business payment systems

9 Guide to Resources for Military Veterans

Information and resources to assist military veterans who want to start a business and employers to find employees who are vets.

4 Guide to Shopping Local

11 Guide to Small Business in History

A growing collection of essays and features about historical small businesses, founders and events.

8 Guide to Starting a Blog

Put the power of blogging to work for your business. Here's how to get started. (Sponsored and Contributed by GoDaddy)

20 Guide to Starting a Business

Information, resources and advice about starting-a-business.

53 Guide to Taxes

Information about taxes, tax preparation and filing.

36 Guide to the On-demand (Gig) Economy

An overview and information about various forms of app-enabled, real-time marketplaces that match a customer with a need to someone who can fulfill the need. (On-demand or Gig economy.)

3 Guide to U.S. Exporting and Trade

Information, resources and updates related to international trade and exporting opportunities for U.S. small businesses.

10 Guide to Using Video for Marketing

Information, instruction, tips, resources and how-tos on the creation and use of video by a small business.