Thinking of Rolling Out a Food Truck? Here Are 5 Tips From the Pros

food trucks in circle

Thinking of starting a food truck business? We’ve rounded up tips from successful food truck veterans to help get you rolling.

1. Know local parking laws.


(Image via WikiMedia Commons)

Now that you have the biggest car on the block, there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting a ticket. Everyone will see. Everyone.

2. Use social media.


Without tweeting your location, how will your customers know where to find you? Social media is here. Use it.

3. Use the buddy system.


(Image from Flickr via Lynn Friedman)

Unlike restaurants, where customers typically stay for the duration of a meal, customers at food trucks are likely to “truck hop” for various courses–and more likely to come out if there is more than one truck in the area.

4. Minimize prep time.


(Image from Flickr via USDA)

Anything food prep you can do in a normal-sized kitchen, do ahead of time. It’s not worth the sweat (literally) you’ll work up trying to chop tomatoes in the 120-square-foot kitchen of your truck.

5. Select your staff wisely.


(Image from Flickr via Renee Suen)

In a restaurant, it is easy for new employees to come and go, but in such a small space, you won’t want to be around difficult people. Spend time carefully hiring before you get started–and treat your staff well to keep them around.