Recently, Twitter added a new “share” icon that provides more options to, well, share — and, finally, to save — tweets. Actually, the book-marketing feature is the only thing that’s actually new, but an interface tweak related to the bookmark feature makes some previous features seem more intuitive to use.

Note: Bookmarks are available for Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite and (In other words, not on a desktop.)

How Twitter Bookmarks work

A desire to save content for later reading is something people have asked for a long time, according to product manager Jesar Shah. Because so much news circulates on Twitter, often including links to longer articles, you don’t have time to read in the moment., she said. “Twitter users sometimes found it uncomfortable to use the Favorite button for saving tweets because of the nature of the tweet’s content.”

Twitter users have previously come up with private workarounds to bookmark tweets, like:

  • DM’ing tweets to yourself
  • Saving them in Notepad or similar apps
  • Emailing them to yourself
  • Opening them in a new tab

A better (and private) way to save a tweet: Bookmarks

To use the new feature, click on a new “share” icon that’s found to the right of the heart icon (the “favorite” button.” share the tweet in a variety of ways – including by bookmarking it, DM’ing it, or via other methods – as had been previously available through the top-right drop-down menu.

  • When you want to view your saved tweets, tap Bookmarks from your profile icon menu.
  • To remove a saved bookmark, tap the share icon from the Tweet within your bookmark timeline and select Remove Tweet from bookmarks.

Click the GIF to watch how it works

Images: iStock, Twitter

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