From examining why the sharing economy and independent worrkers are coming under attack, to an overview of what you should look for in a business-grade paper shredder, some of the most popular items published during the past month.

What’s Behind the Backlash Against the Sharing Economy and Independent Workers?

The majority of independent workers prefer being independent. However, a sizable minority don’t like their work and would prefer traditional employment. ()

What the FCC’s Decision on Net Neutrality Means for Small Business

The FCC voted to designate the internet as a “telecommunications service,” an action that will establish the set of regulations that support what its backers call “Net Neutrality.” What impact might that have on small businesses.()’s Guide to Paper Shredder Machines and Services

An overview of paper shredder machines and services your business may be considering. ()

10 Amazing Facts About George Washington’s 2nd Most Successful Startup

Upon leaving the Presidency at age 65, George Washington started what would become in the following two years, the largest distillery in America. ()

Small Business Advice: Stop Trying to Do it All

Greg McKeown, author of the bestselling book, Essentialism, advises us to, “Pursue only those things that are truly important — and forget everything else…You can’t have it all, and you can’t do it all.” ()

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