Whether you are trying to empty your attic, need to raise money for a new car, or are thinking of starting a long term business, every level of eBay success begins with the basics. Here are 8 basic steps to improve your eBay selling skills.

1. Learn how to buy before you sell.


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Before you start selling you should become familiar with the eBay community by first learning how to buy. This doesn’t mean you have to make a purchase, the buyer approach is what counts. As a buyer you will gain eBay experience learning more about bidding, Paypal, and how communication between the buyer and seller actually works.

2. Write headlines that sell.

Dumbledore headlines

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Just as a weak headline can lose many potential buyers, a strong headline can attract a lot of extra attention to your merchandise. You want to make your headline clear, descriptive, and to the point. It will help to put yourself in the buyer’s position and think what kind of headline would appeal to you if you are searching for your specific product.

3. Sell what you love.

selling what you love

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If you love what you are selling you will possess the added bonus of knowing your product and appreciating it. Knowledge and appreciation of your wares gives them extra value. Loving what you sell also means you can better distinguish a difference in the quality of product.

4. Establish a seller style.


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As you begin to make sales, its a good idea to adapt and customize your profile and selling somehow so that you can build your own style. Supplying a picture of yourself and even giving a brief seller profile description will help you become a better known seller in the eBay community. If you are successful at doing this buyers will begin to trust you for what you offer and they may even buy from you without having taken the time to research your products.

5. Sell the same thing better than your competitors.

niche selling

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You need to distinguish what you are selling from other sellers even if you sell the same product. Whether its offering free shipping or incredible 24 hour customer service, you must remember that every part of the eBay selling process is a potential opportunity for you to establish a unique selling niche.

6. Build trust by offering refunds.

buyer's trust

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Its a guarantee that all buyers on eBay will prefer to buy something that is refundable. If you promise a money-back guarantee or some other sort of return policy you will earn buyers trust. Building trust in the eBay community is what will separate you from the eBay average joe.

7. Promote outside of eBay.

eBay on Facebook

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Promoting your eBay profile around the web will let customers seek you out for your products before they even have a chance to browse over your competition. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to spread the word as long as you don’t spam people. If you are willing to shell out money, paid ads on Facebook is an invaluable approach to promoting yourself.

8. Get a sales tax number.

Sales Tax

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A sales tax number will allow you to buy from wholesale companies that may not deal with you otherwise.

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