Email marketing, social media pay-per-click, and content marketing are the three marketing channels most likely to increase in 2017, according to a global survey of 2,500 email marketers, evenly divided among consumer and business-to-business marketers. Here are some of the findings of the survey (full report here) developed by, publishers of digital marketing advice, and GetResponse, an online marketing platform, in conjunction with the  Content Marketing Institute.

Top 3 digital marketing channels

Percentage of survey respondents ranking the marketing channels they believe have the best return on investment.

53.6% | Email marketing
50.9% | Socia media/Content marketing
45% | Search engine optimization

Bottom 3 marketing channels

Percentage of survey respondents ranking marketing channels they believe have lowest return on investment.

33.3% | Web display advertising
33.3% | Direct mail (print)
28.2% | Affiliate marketing

Expected changes in channel budgets this year

The top three marketing channels likely to see increases in budget allocation in 2017.

58% | Email marketing
50% | Social pay-per-click (PPC)
47% | Content marketing

Marketing channels likely to see decreases in budget allocation in 2017

19% | Respondents who say they will increase direct mail
18.1% | Say they will increase web display advertising
14.1% |Say they will increase Search Engine/PPC budgets

VIA | Get Response Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017



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