Project Wing, a unit of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., is teaming up with Chipotle and Virginia Tech in an FAA-approved test of an experimental food delivery service on the campus of the Blacksburg, Virginia, university. (VIA | Bloomberg News)

This will be the most extensive test yet in the U.S. of what many companies–including, Walmart, Dominos and others–hope will eventually become routine drone deliveries of products.

Photo: Alphabet

About the project

  • It will use self-guided hybrids that can fly like a plane or hover like a helicopter.
  • Virginia Tech was already an FAA approved test site with a program focused on the development of future transportation
  • Deliveries will originate at a Chipotle food truck to assess the accuracy of navigation systems and how people respond.
  • The devices will hover overhead (video) and lower the Chipotle order with a winch.
  • The company is already at work on a more sophisticated second version of the aircraft

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