Putting Obamacare’s partisan battles aside, its most accessible component, Healthcare.gov, continues to face technical problems since its launch at the beginning of October, says CBS Money Watch. Without a working website, the healthcare insurance plans made possible by the Affordable Care Act will continue to crash with low registration turnout, reports CBSNews.com.


“While critics have a laundry list of concerns about the site, the chief criticism stems from the fact that Healthcare.gov has been unable to accommodate the users attempting to use it. As of today, the White House claims that the site can process 17,000 registrations an hour. Keep in mind that there are about 30 million Americans who potentially need to use the site. At today’s rate, it will take two and a half months to enroll everyone, and that’s assuming that people register in an orderly fashion, around the clock. PC World has summarized the three technical and management issues with the site: No overall contractor oversight, the project was derailed by last-minute changes, and there wasn’t enough testing.”

See Full Story: Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov continues to flounder (CBSnews.com)

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