According to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research and funded by the payments company, Square, 76% of U.S. small business owners think voting in the upcoming presidential election has become more important since the pandemic. (Note: “Time off” can refer to the length of time it takes to vote.)

Here are more findings from the survey

96% | Percentage of small business owners who say they plan to vote themselves.

83% | Among small business owners giving employees time off to vote, 83% plan to give them paid time off.

26% | Percentage of small business owners who would be willing to make Election Day a company-wide holiday to encourage voting in the presidential election.

67% | Percentage of small business owners who agree it is their civic responsibility to provide their employees with educational resources to make their own informed voting decisions.

37% | Percentage of small business owners who say the opportunity to make a difference in the community is the top benefit of giving employees the flexibility to take time off to vote.

Square has partnered with the non-partisan organization, TurboVote, to help citizens get ready for the upcoming election. You can use their tool to register to vote, sign up for election reminders, learn more about voting by mail, and more.

You can learn more about election deadlines and receive assistance registering to vote at

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