We recently learned that new Etsy employees get $100 Etsy gift cards to decorate their office spaces. If you’re like us and think the omnipresent beige/brown/grey color combo for offices is BORING!, here are some ideas to dress up your workspace:

1. Glasses Holder


If you can’t find your glasses when you need them, this clever stand from ArtAkimbo always “nose” where your specs are..

2. Desktop Organizer


This organizer from nashpop adds a pop of color to any desk and keeps your essentials within easy reach.

3. Cord Tamer


With slots for eight different cables, your tablet, phone, computer and more can all happily charge together in undulatingcontoursdock/charging station without the dreaded “cord slips behind desk and is lost forever moment.”

4. Desktop Catchall


Kygracedesignscatchall knew exactly what we needed when they made this desktop catchall. It adds a dash of color to any surface and serves as a physical inbox as well.

5. Modern Pencil Cup


With pencils going obsolete, those that remain deserve to be treated with style. MaineBirchWorkspencil holder brings nature indoors and artfully keeps pencils—and all writing utensils—in easy reach.

6. Punctuation Prints


GrammaticalArt’s Punctuation Prints brighten up your office space, with friendly reminders to those who don’t get the point.

(Featured Image of Etsy Offices via Mashable.com)

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