“Every minute I spend looking for, like, velcro tape, or my drill gun, is a minute I’m not doing something productive. So why not build an infrastructure that supports that rather than encouraging the chaos?” New York film director Casey Neistat gives this as the reason he keeps his studio (video below) so immaculately clean and organized. We’re talking the most organized space ever. From wireless router cables neatly arranged and attached to the wall, to containers of supplies labeled and placed next to other supplies they usually have a “relationship” with, Neistat has it down pat. The video is either inspiring or alarming: take your choice.

Pick either, but the whole thing reminds us of how much we like organized workspaces. Not just because it’s nice (or strange) to look at, but because, as Neistat points it, it helps with productivity.

Do you have an organized space you’d like us to share? Have you seen a video tour of one like this one? We’d love to see them. Tweet images or videos to @SmallBusiness or email us at [email protected].

(via: Gizmodo)


(Featured illustration by SmallBusiness.com from a YouTube.com video by Gizmodo)

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