We love technology that enables small businesses to keep up with dozens of complex projects simultaneously. But the wires! Stop the insanity. Here are some attempts we found (using only wireless devices) that we hope can untangle your wires … and ours.

1. Binder clips. Lots and lots of binder clips


(Image: ReadyAimOrganize.com)

The internet life-hackosphere is filling up with awesome ways to use binder clips, including for wire and cord management. Binder clips are about to become the most important product since duct tape and bungie cords.

2. A DIY charging station


Blogger Tasha Chawner created this shoebox charging station in 30 minutes. (We’ve spent the past 30 minutes looking for a shoebox.)

3. Cord wraps. Lots and lots of cord wraps


(Image: Amazon.com)

Cord wraps were invented right after cavemen invented spotlights to illuminate their cave drawings. That explains why there are so many ways people try to create hipper, cooler and more colorful ways to wrap a cord around something.

4. Cable ties. Lots and lots of cable ties


(Image: The Zip Tie People)

Unlike their cord wrap cousins, cord ties are a commodity solution. However, different colors and lengths can come in handy.

5. A box with empty paper towel rolls


(Image: LifeHacker.com)

While this isn’t a competition, we have a winner. An empty box and some paper towel rolls is not only a great organizing solution, but it also explains why there’s a mountain of un-rolled paper towels in the SmallBusiness.com janitorial supply closet.

6. Learn the names of cable organizing whatchamacallits.


(Image: CableOrganizer.com)

In your search, use two terms. The first term should start with any of the following words: Wire, Cord or Cable. For the second term, add any of these words after it: Raceway, Duct, Channel, Gutter, Conduit, Track, Cover or Slot. (Photo: A duct, or perhaps a channel.)

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