For the millions of small businesses that are based in buildings that include a yard or any exterior space where you can stop and smell the roses, chances are you haven’t stopped because you’ve been too busy. But maybe you should, particularly if, while stopping to smell those roses, or the magnolias, or the conifers, or whatever you’ve you’ve planted in that space, you suddenly realize how much greenery (of the cash kind) on heating and cooling some investment in landscaping could bring you.


According to an infographic released recently by (below), if you invest in landscaping that can save energy, it  will do more than just provide a tranquil façade; it can reduce your company’s overhead. For example, planting trees in carefully positioned locations can save you up to 25% on your building’s energy usage. Trees offer valuable shade during summertime heat, and can lower the air temperature by 3°–6°F, as well as keeping sunlight off of your roof and out of windows.

Trees also act as windbreaks during colder seasons, reducing wind chill, therefore reducing heating costs. Paying careful attention to your landscaping can also lower your water usage. Specific types of grass, use of mulch, aerating the soil: All of these factors can help conservation efforts, making your business not only greener (and more environmentally responsible), but also more money. For more information, click on the image below to view a larger version of’s infographic.


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