There comes a point for every small business when security becomes a major concern. Internet and digital protection are no brainers; but what about office/shop/restaurant security? An alarm system and/or security cameras. Here are some issues to when trying to decide what’s best for you and your employees.

Why: Keeps people honest

Perhaps the most obvious reason to have security cameras is, well, to safeguard against theft. In retail especially, internal theft (or employee theft) is the biggest source of shrink (another retail term meaning theft). Cameras will certainly make people think twice about putting that shirt in their bag.

It also keep employees from slacking off, texting their friends, etc.

Why Not: A breach of trust

While they certainly aid in keeping employees honest, security cameras also send a clear message that you don’t trust them. Which can really be a hit to morale and the overall sense of team.

Why: Keeps people safe

A security camera focused on a parking lot or area where general public has access can be a great tool in deterring harassment, assault, robbery, etc. As evidenced in the Boston bombings last year, security cameras can also help police track down criminals and understand their movements.

Why Not: You can get sued if you’re not careful

Though the laws are different in each state (so look into them before coming to conclusions), they generally allow security cameras in public places at the office. This always excludes bathrooms or locker rooms (or near them) and sometimes break rooms. You may also have to post a sign somewhere alerting employees and customers/clients that you’re monitoring them.

(Note: Different jurisdictions have various laws and regulations related to security cameras os check with your personal legal counsel before deciding to install security cameras in your place of work.)

Via Cisco Blog

(Feature image: Matt Mordfin via Flickr)

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