Asking the right questions can be the key to unlocking talent, opportunity, money, even second dates. Recently, Kristen Senz, a social media creator for Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, compiled this list of research findings related to the business benefits of asking better questions.

Asking Questions Can Get You a Better Job or a Second Date
Asking follow-up questions can improve your life and increase emotional intelligence.

Looking in the Mirror: Questions Every Leader Must Ask
These seven questions can help managers and leaders address almost any challenge.

Four Questions Fundraisers Must be Prepared to Answer
Fundraisers and entrepreneurs must be prepared to answer these four questions.

Resolve Your Toughest Work Problems with 5 Questions
Ask yourself these five questions to find the best decision.

Seven Strategy Questions: A Simple Approach for Better Execution
Successful business strategy lies in asking the right questions, not having the right answers.

Teaching The Deal
Showing emotion, asking questions, and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses can be the keys to a successful agreement.


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