If you live in the large portion of the U.S. that is currently in a multi-day visit by temperatures 10-25 degrees below normal, chances are your customers will be mentioning the Polar Vortex within a few seconds of entering your business or starting a phone conversation.

From the folks at the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration), here is some background information that can add something more than, “yep, sure is cold out there,” to your chat.


“The much-hyped polar vortex is a permanent fixture of the atmospheric circulation at both poles. Far from the equator and pitched into complete darkness each winter, the polar vortex contains the hemisphere’s coldest air.”

Read article here:“How is the polar vortex related to Artic Oscillation?”(climate.gov)

(Photo via scorpions and centaurs on Flickr)

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