Some small businesses are pushing back on the trans-fat ban the FDA announced last Thursday. The Washington Times reports the ban will be a burden on some small food companies that may not have the economic resources to make the switch to a more expensive trans-fat free substitute:


While several larger businesses have already adapted to what many are calling a long-announced move by the FDA, many small companies have based their name and brand identity on a product that contains trans fat. These businesses will have to reinvent decades-old recipes and find a way to create the same taste their customers have come expect, or discontinue the product and possibly go out of business. “It’s going to change the taste of the doughnut. It’s going to change the quality of the doughnut. And it is going to change the texture of the doughnut,” says Thomas Gencarelli of Brothers Quality Bakery in New Jersey.

Read the full article: The FDA trans fat ban, the donut and small business (Washington Times)

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