Have you ever wondered what companies, large or small, in your city or industry receive U.S. federal contracts, grants, loans or other financial awards? If so, there’s a database and search engine for that.

Legislation enacted in 2006* requires that federal contract, grant, loan, and other financial assistance awards of more than $25,000 be displayed on a searchable, publicly accessible website, USAspending.gov. The initial site went live in 2007 and was updated in 2015.

The Treasury Department is working on an updated version of USASpending.gov that will launch in 2017. However, there is a public prototype (or, “open beta”) of the new version available at OpenBeta.USASpending.gov. It was launched by the Treasury Department as the platform to get feedback from the public on potential features and functionality ideas for the next generation of USAspending.gov.

USAspending.gov facts

  • The Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Services operates the site.
  • The data comes from all federal agencies that make federal contract, grant, loan, and other financial assistance awards in amount more than $25,000.
  • Data since 2008 (to current) is displayed on charts, graphs and maps
  • Data prior to 2008 can be downloaded from the Download Center.

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Ways you can search for and download information on USAspending.gov

The information is searchable by:

  • Zip code
  • Congressional District
  • State
  • County

You can download data in the following formats:

  • xls
  • csv
  • xml

*The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA)

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