Previously, we’ve shared news about Amazon’s “Handmade at Amazon” program. This year, many of the people who create and sell products using the Handmade marketplace are participating today in Amazon’s Prime Day promotion. If you’d like to see what’s available from Handmade at Amazon today, click here. Also, if you’d like see what artisans from your home state are featured on Handmade by Amazon, use this search tool.

Deals from ‘Amazon Exclusives’

We’ve also shared news previously about Amazon’s ‘Exclusives’ program that sources products from independent inventors and product developers who have launched their businesses through channels like Kickstarter. For Amazon Exclusive Prime Day deals, click here.

Other Prime Day deals for the office

While most of Amazon’s Prime Day promotions are aimed at consumers, there are also plenty of deals related to office products, supplies and equipment. Here are some product categories where you might find a deal.

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