Just over half of U.S. adults surveyed expect to finish their holiday gift shopping by today (Wednesday, December 20) but others will still be buying gifts on Christmas Eve — and some will miss the deadline altogether, according to an annual survey of holiday retail shopping released today by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

126 million (53%) | Consumers who plan to shop this Saturday, nick-named “Super Saturday” because it is the last Saturday before Christmas and typically the busiest shopping day of the year.
55% | Percentage of shoppers who expected to be finished with purchasing gifts by today.
6% | Percentage of shoppers who said their final gifts won’t be bought until after Christmas.

Why haven’t they finished their shopping?

Of consumers who had completed half or less of their shopping:

42% | Said they are still deciding what to buy
26% | Waiting for requests
26% | Other financial priorities
26% | Too busy with other activities

Where do last-minute shoppers plan to purchase their gifts?

51% | Online
41% | Department stores
26% | Discount stores
21% | Clothing or accessories stores
18% | Electronics stores
14% | Local/small businesses
14% | Grocery/supermarket stores

What have shoppers purchased so far?

54% | Percentage of consumers who have purchased clothing or clothing accessories
39% | Toys
39% | Gift cards
35%  | Books, movies and other media
25% | Consumer electronics or computer-related accessories
25% | Food or candy
23% | Gifts of experience (sporting event tickets, spa treatments, wine club, cooking class, etc.


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