People often ask us if we accept guest posts for While we don’t accept guest posts, we accept something a lot more valuable to you and our other users: Your wisdom, your experience, your know-how and the helpful advice you can provide the users of

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content you believe will help the users of

Our users are looking for your wisdom. Maybe not your guest post, but your wisdom.

Each and every day, we receive emails asking, “Will you accept this guest post?” The answer is rarely yes. Not because we don’t accept guest posts, but because we follow the suggestions of Google and steer clear of guest posts that even seems like a part of any attempt to outfox the algorithms of Google.

OK, OK. We realize that your guest post isn’t the “spam” kind. But those other guys and their spammy guest posts ruined it for the rest of us.

Fortunately, we have a way for you to share your wisdom with the users of that is better than your posts. It’s your how-tos, your observations, your suggestions … your wisdom.

We’ve created a page of advice and help that will provide you with some insight into who our users are and the types of information they seek. Review it and you’ll find ideas for things to share with us that are more beneficial to the users of

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