(Update: After reaching out to the SBA’s Office of Communications and Public Liaison, I learned that National Small Business Week, 2021, will be held September 13-15 this year. However, I still can’t find any new information.)

Small business owners are receiving wonderful endorsements and appreciation this morning.

Why? Well, one reason is, “you deserve it.”

Another reason is that this week is National Small Business Week.

Sort of.

If you take a look at the SBA website (from May 3 to 5, 2012) you won’t find any mention of National Small Business Week.

But there are many places where you will find references to the week.


One critical reason may be that SBA staffers are busy managing the application process for the PPP loan.

Some cities, like San Francisco, have shifted to virtual events.

And here are more reasons for small businesses to celebrate:

According to the Union Bank California Small Business Mid-Year Mindshift 2021 Survey, the top four COVID-19-related areas small business owners invested in were personal protective equipment (58 percent), cleaning and sanitization services (54 percent), marketing and advertising (45 percent) and e-commerce (41 percent).

“California small business owners were hit especially hard and adapted to complex restrictions for longer periods of time than those in other states,” said Todd Hollander, Head of Business Banking and Small Business Banking at Union Bank. “But despite the challenges, many small businesses remained resilient and optimistic for the future.”

And that’s why there are many, many #SmallBusiness #SmallBusinesWeek tweets wishing happy small business week to one another.

Which is all great.

So, let’s celebrate Small Business Week.

And be hopeful for those who are staying resilient and optimistic for the future.

#SmallBusinessWeek #SmallBusiness


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